Split, 145/200cm, acrylic and oil on cotton, 2016  

I have an image in mind. Tectonic plates are grinding. At the edges, the ground is splintering. The work Split explores our surroundings and the natural and constructed borders that limit one`s room to move.

In the topic of plate tectonics, already the slightest shift brings together or rips apart. I worked collage-like in series of paintings and texts that were written on cotton sheets. This work finds itself caught between con- and destruction, and (natural) forces that can`t be influenced. Questions about sense and senselessness arise: a ripped apart text becomes incomprehensible. An interrupted way loses its purpose.


Galerie Schnitzler und Lindsberger, Graz AUT, 2016

Euphemia - Neat girl, 100/70cm, acrylic and oil on cotton, 2016

Window questions, Split, Galerie Schnitzler und Lindberger, Graz, 2016

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